Aspen’s mission is to provide great service and technology
for HR and payroll services in a cost-effective manner.
We want our clients to pay less for more.

The History

Aspen was not started as a business. It was started to solve a problem.

We began as a business unit of Standish Management, LLC (“Standish”). Standish had the responsibility of administering payroll and HR benefits for our clients through numerous HR and payroll platforms, including various Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). What we discovered was that many of our clients were significantly over-paying for sub-par solutions. Furthermore, the solutions they were all using were not appropriate and we could not find any platform that understood the concept of client service. Our clients called us — they want personalized attention and service. They did not want to call 1-800 numbers or use chat rooms to discuss sensitive employment and benefit issues. We wanted a similar service. We started looking for an integrated payroll and HR solution that focused on types of firms we managed (professional services firms, private equity and venture capital firms, family offices, etc…). These firms, while not necessarily large in terms of headcount, often had relatively complex HR and payroll needs, including ACA compliance and reporting. Also, our clients did not want nor need to be “Co-employees” and they certainly didn’t want to pay a lot of money for the privilege of being a “Co-employee.” Even to this day, we are not sure what a “Co-employee” is; we do know that nobody wants to be one.

We believe there is a need for high touch HR, Payroll and benefit solutions that allows clients to buy services in a modular way- so that you only pay for the services you need. We don’t believe in the PEO model that forces all clients to pay for services that they don’t want and often, truth be told, just aren’t very good. While there are several good software options available in silos today, we could not find any software provider that offered quality software and service.

We do not weigh these equally- if you need medical care having good medical equipment is important; having the best doctors and nurses is more important. We think service is important and having an experienced and dedicated team is the right thing for your employees and the right thing for your business. That is why Standish recruited Jenny Souksavath and other like-minded HR professionals to help build a new kind of HR, payroll and benefits company that is a cut above- and it’s called Aspen.

The Aspen solution fits best for small to medium sized privately held firms, especially partnerships, S-corporations and LLCs. Our client base and expertise lies within private equity, venture capital, hedge fund and real estate managers, family offices, and other professional services firms (CPA firms, law firms, consulting firms, etc…). We also provided benefit design services so that our clients can access special insurance and retirement products that save our clients’ owners tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year.

Aspen is dedicated to lifting the burden of HR tasks so you can focus on your core competencies and most importantly, your people. We, like Standish, are an employee owned firm.

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